EMI Agent License

You want to get started in the payment services EMI business but cannot afford to set up your own EMI. We can offer you a turn key EMD application solutions.

Our Services would include:

- Incorporation of the Agent Company in any EU country

- Opening of the Bank account for the Agent company

- Introduction to the EMI that would provide the Umbrella license to your Agent company

- Preparation of the EMD application

- Submission of the EMD application and follow up until obtaining the authorization.

Advantages of such solutions:

- Agent will benefit of additional advantages as follows;

- Sub licensee does not need to make and maintain the required reserve deposit of minimum EUR 350,000 which is helpful when starting a new business

- Sub licensee will be in business in 8 to 12 weeks vs 12 months if applying for his own license

- The agent authorization will have the same business capability as the Full EMI license that is to say:

a) Services enabling cash placement on a payment account

b) Services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account

c) Execution of payment transactions 

d) Issuing payment instruments or acquiring payment transactions

e) Money remittance

f) Issuing Electronic Money