VErifo - Payment service provider from Lithuania

Verifo is a modern payment platform for your contemporary international business. They offer an integrated solution to make international wire transfers, collect funds from customers and manage finances. Whether you are a starting sole trader or an established international e-commerce platform we have a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Back in 2017, Verifo was just the team of Fintech enthusiasts and Fintexus team has helped with getting E-Money Institution license from Bank of Lithuania. It was one of the fastest cases in Lithuania, as the license from the start of writing the documents to getting the license, took approx. 7 months. The role of Fintexus was:

1. To write the business plan,
2. To prepare the compliance documents,
3. To fill in the application form to Bank of Lithuania,
4. To represent BitWallet during the process,
5. To find the initial management team in Lithuania.